Here we go!

This blog is a follow-up to the “52 Weeks of Wisdom” emails I sent to my two children every Monday morning in 2018. At the end of the year I realized that I had omitted much. Sure, there may have been plenty of so-called “wisdom,” but I failed to tell many personal stories and certainly failed to introduce the many influences and mentors in my life. This blog is my attempt to rectify that. I may at some point add some or all of my “52 Weeks” to this blog, but it is not my current intent to do so.

I am writing this blog primarily for my kids. I don’t really care if anyone else reads it, but I apologize in advance if I told a story about you that you don’t particularly like or if I re-tell something that you don’t remember the same way I do. I certainly don’t intend to demean, disrespect, embarrass, or otherwise do a disservice to anyone. These are merely reflections of my experiences and people in my life. They are told from my point of view. They are not necessarily 100% accurate, but are how I remember them. I certainly welcome corrections or additions, since I KNOW my memory is less than stellar.

We’ll see where this goes, but for now . . . here we go!!!!

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